Flower care homehyme

Care and Conditioning of Flowers – A Brief Guide

A flower or leaf cut from a plant has a short, though beautiful, life. It is possible to prolong this for a little while by a few methods. Also Read: Formal and Informal…

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Rooftop Gardening Layout Homehyme

A Brief Guide To Roof Gardening Layout

In many articles the gardening on the roof is often termed as terrace gardening which is not strictly correct according to British practice. Terrace gardening is completely different from roof gardening. In modern…

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Formal and Informal Style Gardens Homehyme

Formal and Informal Styles of Gardens

Before someone starts to venture into designing a garden it will be wise to get an idea about the major gardening styles of the world. This will open up a window to this…

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Building Parts Homehyme

10 Basic Building Parts You Need To Know

A building provides shelter against natural elements such as rain, sunshine and wind. It also provides security and privacy. A building consists of the following basic parts: 1. Foundation A foundation is necessary…

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Cutting Tailoring Terms Homehyme

Important Terms Related to Cutting and Tailoring

Keeping in mind the emerging consciousness of changing fashion trends, this article has introduced some useful important terms related to cutting and tailoring who have an interest in sewing not only as an…

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Basic Rules Stitching Homehyme

30 Basic Rules of Stitching You Need To Know

Before you have complete knowledge of running a sewing machine, it is advisable not to attempt running a sewing machine. Before threading a needle, before lowering the pressure foot, learn the correct way…

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Benefits Solar Energy Homehyme

9 Amazing Benefits of Solar Energy

In today’s climate of growing energy needs and increasing environmental concern, alternatives to the use of non-renewable and polluting fossil fuels have to be investigated. One such alternative is solar energy. Solar energy…

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Floriculture and Gardening Homehyme

Floriculture and Gardening Related Questions

When we pay attention to floriculture then a number of questions comes in our mind. One of them is what the importance and scope of floriculture. Floriculture has been part of Indian culture…

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sewing tools equipment Homehyme

Sewing Tools and Equipment You Need To Know

This is an in-depth list of sewing tools and equipment which you can use at your studio or office frequently. Please don’t feel as though you need to buy everything on this list…

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home decoration colors homehyme

A Step By Step Guide For Decorating Home/Office with Colors

All too often, we choose to not put much thought into the use of color in our homes simply because the idea seems so daunting. How many times have you looked at a…

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home improvement homehyme

What is the Best Way to Improve Home?

Buying a home should be one of the important events of your life. But it is also an investment in your financial future. While regular mortgage payments over time create capital in your…

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Plant Container Tips Healthy Plants Homehyme

Tips For Keeping Your Container Plants Healthy

Growing an urban garden with container plants doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right knowledge, you can successfully grow container plants on your balcony, rooftop or even inside of your home. Keep…

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