51 House Cleaning Shortcuts to Save Time and Effort

House Cleaning Shortcuts

Maintaining a clean and organized home can be a daunting task, especially for those with busy schedules. However, with a few clever shortcuts, you can keep your living space tidy without spending hours on household chores.

Here are 51 house cleaning shortcuts to help you efficiently tackle cleaning tasks, even when time is limited.

1. Dust One Thing:
Choose one item to dust quickly using a feather duster or dust wipes. Examples include TV screens, shelves, blinds, ceiling fans, and air vents.

2. Change Vacuum Bag:
Change your vacuum bag quickly to improve efficiency. Consider changing it outside to avoid spreading dust back into the room.

3. Clean a Mirror:
Use vinegar and old newspaper if you don’t have glass cleaner. A clean mirror instantly enhances the overall cleanliness of a room.

4. Change Towels:
Swap out towels in the kitchen or bathroom for a quick refresh.

5. Change Trash Bags:
Replace full trash bags with clean ones for an instant tidying effect.

6. Sort Today’s Mail:
Spend 30 seconds organizing the day’s mail to prevent clutter buildup.

7. Treat a Stain:
Quickly address stains by flushing with water, blotting, applying a mild cleaner, and blotting again.

8. Take Care of Plants:
Water and trim houseplants in under a minute for a fresh look.

9. Wipe Down Forgotten Areas:
Use a wet washcloth to wipe down often-overlooked areas like doorknobs, remote controls, light switches, handles, and telephones.

10. Sweep Entryways:
Quickly sweep small entryways to keep them clean and inviting.

11. Shake out a Floor Mat:
Regularly shake out floor mats to reduce dust and maintain cleanliness.

12. Collect Garbage in a Room:
Clear out trash to instantly improve the appearance of a room.

13. Delegate:
Create chore charts for everyone in the household to share the workload.

14. Fill the Sink:
Develop the habit of filling the sink with soapy water while cooking to clean as you go.

15. Spray the Oven:
Give your oven a quick spray with cleaner on days when it’s not in use for easy cleanup later.

16. Have a Charity Box:
Keep a box in the front closet for items you no longer need; drop it off at a local goodwill store when full.

17. Rinse Your Plate:
Rinse dishes immediately after use to make washing easier.

18. Tackle the Small Jobs:
Break down cleaning tasks into smaller, manageable jobs.

19. Keep Cleaner in the Shower:
Keep a bottle of shower cleaner handy for quick post-shower sprays.

20. Fast Pick Up Before Bed:
Do a quick pick up before bedtime for a more organized start to the day.

21. Line Your Fridge:
Line fridge shelves with paper towels for easy cleanup.

22. Take a Trash Bag With You:
Make it a habit to take out the trash as you leave the house.

23. Microwave:
Steam clean your microwave by heating a cup of water for a few minutes.

24. Baking Soda:
Use baking soda to eliminate odors in the fridge, trash cans, and drains.

25. Fridge:
Toss out expired food, wipe shelves, and use a mixture of baking soda and water for a fresh clean.

26. Washing Dishes:
Invest in a scrubber with a soap handle for washing as you go, soak dishes, and wash in groups.

27. Wipe Down:
After dishes, wipe down countertops, stove, sink, faucets, cupboard doors, table, and chairs.

28. Sweep and Mop:
Finish the kitchen cleanup with sweeping and mopping, paying attention to room edges and under furniture.

29. Toilet:
Pour cleaner in the bowl, wipe down the seat and exterior, scrub the bowl, and wipe again for a quick toilet clean.

30. Mirrors:
Use glass cleaner or vinegar with paper towels to clean mirrors.

31. Bathtub:
Use foaming cleansers for soaking, find a suitable scrubber, and spray down after each use to ease deep cleaning.

32. Wipe Down the Sink:
Fill the sink with soapy water and wipe down the sink and counter.

33. Pick Up:
Put everything in its place, throw away trash, and use laundry baskets to organize items.

34. Dust:
Dust blinds, air vents, TV screens, shelves, and ceiling fans for an instant improvement in your living room’s appearance.

35. Vacuum:
Vacuum with attachments for hard-to-reach places like couch cushions, room edges, under furniture, curtains, and window sills.

36. Make the Bed:
Quickly make the bed for a cleaner and more organized bedroom.

37. Put Away Clothes:
Ensure all clothes are put away in their designated places.

38. Clean off Dresser:
Clear off the dresser and wipe it down regularly for an organized bedroom.

39. Fast Window Cleaning:
Clean only the bottom half of a window for a quick window refresh.

40. Carpet Sweeping:
Use a carpet sweeper or cordless hand vacuum for quick floor cleanups.

41. Pet Hair:
Use pantyhose or a lint roller to quickly remove pet hair from furniture.

42. Do the Towel Shuffle:
Wet two towels, place one under each foot, and shuffle for a quick floor cleaning.

43. Cleaner Alternatives:
Use vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice as cleaning alternatives when you run out of store-bought cleaners.

44. Laundry Baskets:
Use laundry baskets to quickly gather items that don’t belong in a room.

45. Decorative Baskets:
Use decorative baskets to organize and hide clutter in an aesthetically pleasing way.

46. Go Paper:
Reduce cleanup time by using paper plates and plastic utensils.

47. Spray Dust Mop:
Quickly clean the floor by spraying it with cleaner and using a mop.

48. Music:
Play music while cleaning to make tasks more enjoyable and time fly by.

49. Good Smells:
Use air fresheners, candles, or scented items to create a pleasant atmosphere.

50. Make a Plan:
Divide chores into specific time blocks or days to make them more manageable.

51. Know When to Quit:
Avoid getting overwhelmed by knowing when to stop and save more extensive tasks for another day.

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