Plants and Gardening Terms Homehyme

Important Terms Related To Plants and Gardening

Plants and Gardening is the art of growing plants and caring for them. Plants are the most common living things on the planet, with around 30,000 species in existence. Plants are used for…

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Flower Arrangement Homehyme

Essential Flower Arranging Ingredients You Need To Know

Flower arrangement is a design of beauty. It is essentially a decorative piece and should be the centre of attraction. An arrangement can be composed of only flowers and or foliage or in…

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Flower care homehyme

Care and Conditioning of Flowers – A Brief Guide

A flower or leaf cut from a plant has a short, though beautiful, life. It is possible to prolong this for a little while by a few methods. Also Read: Formal and Informal…

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Rooftop Gardening Layout Homehyme

A Brief Guide To Roof Gardening Layout

In many articles the gardening on the roof is often termed as terrace gardening which is not strictly correct according to British practice. Terrace gardening is completely different from roof gardening. In modern…

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Floriculture and Gardening Homehyme

Floriculture and Gardening Related Questions

When we pay attention to floriculture then a number of questions comes in our mind. One of them is what the importance and scope of floriculture. Floriculture has been part of Indian culture…

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Best Plant Container Urban Garden Homehyme

Choose Best Plant Container For Your Urban Garden

Starting an urban garden can be done using plant containers. There are a variety of pots and containers that you can choose from, so it’s important that you choose ones that will give…

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