Key Questions to Ask When Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home

Selling your home is a significant decision, and choosing the right realtor is crucial for a successful and stress-free experience. Asking the right questions can help you assess the expertise and commitment of potential real estate agents.

Here is a comprehensive list of questions to guide you in selecting the best realtor for your home-selling journey.

1. How familiar are you with my neighborhood?

  • Assess the realtor’s knowledge of the local area, including schools, amenities, and crime rates.
  • A realtor with personal familiarity can present your home more convincingly.

2. Can you provide a list of homes you’ve sold in the last year?

  • Evaluate the realtor’s experience by examining the neighborhoods, price ranges, and number of sales on the list.
  • Hesitation in providing this information may be a red flag.

3. May I contact references from your past clients?

  • A reliable realtor should be willing to share references from satisfied clients.
  • Speak to past clients to gain insights into their experience with the realtor.

4. What is the range and average price of homes you’ve sold in the past three years?

  • Choose a realtor with experience in the same price range as your home.
  • Ensure the realtor has successfully sold properties to the type of buyers you expect for your home.

5. Will you provide a detailed marketing plan for my house in writing?

  • Assess the commitment of the realty company to selling your house.
  • A written marketing plan demonstrates professionalism and dedication.

6. How much money will be spent on marketing my home, and can you provide this figure in writing?

  • A real estate office that outlines its marketing budget is likely to adhere to it.
  • Compare marketing budgets among different realty companies.

7. Will you have a flyer box in front of my house, and will it be consistently filled?

  • Flyers showcasing your home’s features attract potential buyers.
  • Regularly filled flyer boxes can generate interest and inquiries.

8. Do you plan to hold open houses? How many and how often?

  • Open houses expose your home to a broader audience.
  • Discuss the realtor’s strategy for maximizing the impact of open houses.

9. What other advertising methods will you use to market my house?

  • Inquire about additional advertising avenues, considering the marketing budget.
  • Explore options such as on-site flyers, newspaper ads, and real estate magazines.

10. Are you experienced in working with buyers with unique financial situations?

  • Assess the realtor’s ability to work with buyers who may not have a 20 percent down payment or perfect credit.
  • Knowledge of creative financial solutions and connections with supportive agencies or financial institutions is a significant advantage.


Selecting the right realtor is paramount to a successful home-selling experience. By asking these key questions, you’ll gain insights into the realtor’s expertise, commitment, and ability to market your home effectively.

Take the time to thoroughly evaluate potential real estate agents to ensure a smooth and successful selling process.

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