9 Lesser Known Things to Look for When Buying a House

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When buying a house, there are numerous factors to consider, from location and layout to price and condition. While these are essential, some lesser-known aspects deserve your attention.

Here are nine lesser-known things to look for when purchasing a house:

  1. Don’t Be Restricted by a Covenant (Restrictive Covenant)
  2. The Aging Roof
  3. Should the Attic Be There?
  4. Sucked In by Staging
  5. Plumbing Pressure
  6. Outside Space
  7. Phone Coverage, Broadband?
  8. Love Thy Neighbor
  9. Lenders Don’t Like Every Property

1. Don’t Be Restricted by a Covenant (Restrictive Covenant)?

A restrictive covenant is a legal obligation that limits how you can use the property. It might restrict you from making certain modifications or even affect how you can use the land. Be sure to understand any restrictive covenants associated with the property to avoid surprises in the future.

2. The Aging Roof?

The condition of the roof is crucial, yet its age often goes overlooked. An older roof may need significant repairs or replacement in the near future, impacting your overall expenses. Ask about the roof’s age and its maintenance history.

3. Should the Attic Be There?

If you’re planning to use the attic for storage or conversion, check if it’s legally recognized as a habitable space. Sometimes, attics are not included in the square footage due to insufficient headroom or proper conversion. Ensure the attic space meets your intended use.

4. Sucked In by Staging?

Staging can make a property look amazing, but it’s essential to remember that it’s a temporary and decorative setup. Focus on the property’s structural and functional aspects rather than getting overly enchanted by staging.

5. Plumbing Pressure?

Check the water pressure in different faucets and showers throughout the house. Low water pressure can be a nuisance and may indicate plumbing issues that need addressing.

6. Outside Space?

Don’t forget to evaluate the outdoor areas. Consider the size, layout, landscaping, and any potential maintenance needs of the yard or garden. Outdoor spaces can significantly impact your quality of life.

7. Phone Coverage, Broadband?

In the digital age, reliable phone coverage and internet connectivity are vital. Check the strength of cell phone signals and inquire about the availability of high-speed broadband in the area.

8. Love Thy Neighbor?

Your neighbors can have a significant influence on your living experience. Take the time to interact with potential neighbors and get a sense of the community. It’s essential to feel comfortable and welcome in your new neighborhood.

9. Lenders Don’t Like Every Property?

Lenders may have restrictions or concerns about certain types of properties, such as those in disrepair or with unique features. Before making an offer, consult with your lender to ensure the property aligns with their lending criteria.

In conclusion, buying a house is a significant decision, and paying attention to these lesser-known factors can help you make a more informed choice. Being aware of restrictive covenants, the condition of the roof, attic usage, the potential allure of staging, plumbing pressure, outdoor spaces, connectivity options, neighborhood dynamics, and lender considerations will contribute to a smoother home-buying process and a more satisfying homeownership experience.

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